Workshops information

Herma de Jong offers you workshops for different kinds of occasions. You don’t have to be an artist when it comes to sewing, Herma supervises you in a relaxing way and everybody leaves with a homemade hat. See all the workshop dates.

Basic workshop (more information)

Sign up individually or as a group for a basic workshop (see calander). For this you can use the registration form. Other dates can be discussed by contact information.

It’s also possible to organise, in consult, a workshop for a part of the day.

For your special occasions Herma customizes a program for you with pleasure. The way of creative thinking and handling the materials can lead to surprising solutions and insights. Therefore a workshop can also be very appropriate as a company training.

Herma offers you lots of surprising ideas for a birthday, an anniversary, a goodbye or a classy bachelor party.


Herma Dejong Hat Design also gives lectures. This might be done in the salon, but also at location. During this lecture Herma explaines the secrets, history and etiquette of the hat, which she does on inspiring way. There can also be a combination of a lecture with a high tea.

Therefore in consultation with you, there can be made a program specially for the occassion. An indication of the possibilities and prices follows below.

1. A lecture in the salon about the signing, history and etiquette of the hat, combined with images. You can fit the design hats afterwards and if you like possibly buy them. Included with coffee, tea or wine. Duration about 1 1/2 hours. Off 8 persons.

2. like 1. but in combination with a wonderful high tea

3. A wonderful high tea and fitting hats in the salon. There will be a short content story told by Herma and an explanation about her designs, what fits who and why!?

On location on consultation

larger groups get discount, smaller groups increase


During this course you will learn the real secrets of the millinary, for example you make a hat of felt and straw.

Price € 300.- for 5 lessons exclusive materials. See for the data the calendar.